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Navy Drill Team
US Navy Ship Awards page The OpNavy Instruction that lists all ships and the awards they received.
If that link don't work go to:
US Navy Uniform Regs
Navy Submarine Chapel at Pearl Harbor
A site to help those enlisted trying to advance
Subase Officer Spouse Assoc
LDO and Warrant Officer History
Navy Budget for 2003
History of the Sub Force, List of boats and more
Submarine School/Groton Home Page
The Silver Dolphins Drill TeamSubSchools precision drill team

Cold War Recognition CertificateFree, just send a copy of your DD214 in and a letter of which there is a sample on the page..
Trident Training Facility/Kings Bay
Naval Submarine Training Center/Pacific
Finding Active Dute Navy people
Naval Safety Center/Submarines Page.FLASH documents.
US Navy Submarine Centennial Site.
Pacific Fleet complete URL Directory
Navy Nuclear Field
Navy Clothing and Textile Research
US Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory
Manning and career info for Enlisted Sub personnel
Navy Electronic Directives System
NUWC UUV HomepageNaval Underwater Warfare Center and the Stingray program
Arlington Cemetery Burial Listing
Navy Vessel Registry NVRAll Navy Ships status. Under construction in some areas.
Ribbon Finderclick on the unform ribbon you have in mind and this program will find it and display it
Navy MCPON Lists of Books that are required or recommended.
Navy Master-At-Arms Homepage and membership
Navy Legal sites:
JAG Manual
Courts Martial Manul
Non Judicial Punishment
Painting Navy Ships-1943 Specs.
Navy's Joint Fleet Maintainence ManualContains: Volume 1 - NEW CONSTRUCTION
and a Keyword search
Decommissioned Navy Ships Listing
Homeports for Navy Ships listing
FPO addresses for Navy Ships.
Alphabetical Navy Ship listing.
Navy's Nuclear Power ProgramCourse outlines and other basic info.Naval Hospital Corps PageVery nicely done page.
Hospital Corpsman Link Page
Vision of Future Submarine TechnologyLecture by Dr. at NUWC in slide format.
SecNav and OpNav Instructions and Directives On-Line
National Naval Medical Center/Bethesda Home Page
Naval School of Health Sciences
Naval Nurse Corps Training Program
Naval Sch. of Health Sciences 1st Class PO Assoc. Page
Navy Pay Policy Explained
Navy Reference Page.Award winning search, links and just tons of good stuff about the Navy.
TRIPER Program Page.Trident Replacement Program page.
Navy Hymn Explained
Naval Reactors (NR) A brief history on the training methods used in the early days of nuclear power.
US Navy Fed Credit Union Page.
Study on Evaluation of Shallow Water Submarine ReponseNot of the faint. This is from engineers at NPS.
US Navy Ships Force Levels From 1917 to 9-95 in chart format.
US Navy Memorial Foundation And their Ship's Store Ship's Store
ComSubLant Detachment 206 The Web's only Reserve Submarine Page.
US Navy Reserve Recruiting Web Site.
Official New Navy Address.This new page contains Navy Job info, Navy News, pictures, All Hands magazine, Navy Fleet status.
Trident Training Facility Page/Bangor.
Official Navy Homeport list.As of 9-96 this shows all ships homeports.
US Navy Medal & Ribbons.
On-Line Bachelor Housing Directory State by State.
Freedom of Information Act Naval. A how to page on getting information from the Navy.
Decommissioned Ships List. As of Oct 96.
Submarine Pay.
Pay Charts for Enlisted and Officers.
All Navy Web Sites.
Organization of the Submarine Warfare Division (N87).
Navy Times.Hot stories, current news, Hotfoto, subscription info.
Officer Detailer E-Mail address.
Enlisted Detailer E-Mail address.
Navy Wifeline Association
BuPers Locator Service
Navy Public Affairs Library All-files listing.
Navy Nuclear Eng. Recruiters Page. Learn about the nuclear program and what is needed and training you will receive from this recruiter in Naples, Florida.
US Navy Ship Donation Program. Want a ship for your city?
Map of Washington DC area.
Map of Washington Navy Yard.
US Navy NAVSEA Command Page. What they do, pubs, mission, facts, news, links, naval history and info on the relocation to Washington Navy Yard.
CHIPS Page. US Navy's Computer Systems on line ezine.
CN0 Submarine Warfare Division N87.Organization and much more. Very good page.
Navy Exchange Page.Locations, who can use and service at each. Buy uniforms on line and info on the Navy Lodge Program.
Navy Awards and Decorations. Listed in order of importance with a picture of each.
US Navy Shooting Team
Studies on Submarine Control at Scope Depth A teacher at NPS has posted this technical study.
Bid Solicitation for the NSSN Program Office. You will need MS Word or Excel to view the files after downloading.
US Navy NAVSEA Command Home Page.
US Navy Submarine Maintenance Engineering Planning and Procurement Page.
Military Woman Homepage.Very well done and award winning site for military women of all branches. Yes you guys can also check in.
Naval Training Commands.
Great Lakes Base History
Great Lakes Service School Command.
7Th Fleet Home Page. Not much submarine stuff but if you were in the Pacific you belonged.
Naval Historical Center. Great new page on the web. This is maintained from the Navy Yard At Washington DC. This page describes what is available at the NSC such as; tour hours, directions, displays, describes their 145000 volume library. This Center is also the repository for "Operational Archives" which means they have the deck logs and other operational history records of most ships. They give an address for information on deck logs.
Norfolk Navy Housing.
CNO's Strategy & Concepts.
Enlisted Ratings Insignia. Forgot what the IC insignia looked like? Check this page out. Divided into categories of engineering, construction, aviation and admin/med/dental.
Recruiters Page. Give job descriptions and more.
Enlisted Submarine Personnel. A must read for all who serve on submarines. Contains advancement info and school info.
Dept. of the Navy FY 97 budget. Interesting reading with 95&96 figures also.
BuPers Phone Book.
Mailing Addresses for all Ships.
Idaho Research Lake. There is a lake in Idaho (that never freezes) where the Navy tests submarine equipment for research in sound analysis.
DOD Bosnia Link. Official Dept. of Defense Bosnia news site with photos, maps, news, biographies of commanders, and more.
Defense News! You must register but contains Army Times, Space News, Federal Times, A BBS, Interviews and Military City Online.
DefenseLink News. Another news site which has 100's of photos on Bosnia and 40 on the Navy. Also has Defense Dept Contract information, News releases and archives of past news.
Dept Of Defense Fact File on Submarines. Divided into SSN and SSBN. This site gives some facts on the nuclear submarine force and all the names and numbers which is a nice file to have.
Submarine List and Status. This listing gives all boats since SS551, their current status, commissioning and decommissioning dates, etc.
Want to be a Naval Submarine Officer? Good information from U of Virginia NROTC on eligibility requirements, the training cycle, submarine school, duty descriptions aboard a submarine and more.
Dept of Defense News. All Services resource of news.
BUPERS. Here is your connection to Navy Bureau of Personnel. Information on BuPers organization, mission, pay charts, info on locator services, personnel new stories, personnel stats, active duty promotion lists (by name), uniforms, health care benefits and more. Also this is the site for retirees to read/download the latest issue of SHIFT, officers to read/download PERSPECTIVE and enlisted to read/download LINK.
WWW Navy News. A WWW view of the Navy News.
Navy News "search" program. Type in the word you want and this will search the Navy News archives for you.
Naval Reserve Force Home Page.
Navy On Line.
Navy Public Affairs Library.
Naval Undersea Warfare Center.
Submarine Communications from the NRL. Towed buoys, AN/BRA-10, AN/BSQ-5, and more.
Submarine Arctic Communication. Also from the NRL but has a nice picture of 2 subs at the pole.
Submarine Communication Program Office. Some technical briefs on all aspects of submarine communications. Requires Adobe Acrobat to read.
US Naval Observatory correct Time
Military City Online Outpost.A large page with connections and a database of over 2 million US military names and bases you can search, it has pictures of ships including the SSN 21 and SSN 712, a Early Brief news summary and a "Visit to the Wall."
US Military Real Estate Guide.
Home Ports of all Navy Ships.
MilNet.Under construction but has great promise. I found that Egypt has 12 submarines for example.
Active US Navy Submarines.
Home Ports of all Navy Ships.
Help for finding shipmates, locating personnel records, e-mail addresses, obtaining ships photos, ships logs, deck logs an more.

Ron Martini's email address change to: