Foreign submarines of all nations with links listed alphabetically by country. Here you will find many classes of submarines and u-boats including; Collins, Le Triumphant, Agosta, Daphne, Rubis, Foxtrot, Kilo, Tango, Oscar, Akula, Juliett, Whiskey, Trafalgar, Oberon, Agosta and more. Newly added submarine links are displayed with a "New" tag by them.

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*** Listed by country alphabetically. New links have the "New" tag by them.
A listing of All Submarines on Display in the World
Argentina Submarine PageBut in their language
Australia's Collins Boat-Inside and Out
Australia's Submarine Fleet
Up PeriscopeWest. Aust. Branch of Aust. Submarine Association.
Collins Class Boat-HMAS Collins
Tasmania's Branch of Submarines Assoc. of Australia
West. Australia Maritime MuseumWith a focus on the Submarine days. Check out WWII and Fremantle.
Austrailian Collins Class Info.
Royal Australian Navy Homepage.
Brazil's Submarine Fleet
Canada's Newest Submarine HMCS Windsor
Submarine Assoc. of Canada.Nicely done page from the Association in Canada. Membership list, monthly newsletter and links are features of this Canadian submarine information page.
Skull's Submarine Guest Stop.Another Canadian Submarine Page. This one is bright, contains, sound and animation. Really well done.
Andy Moulton's Canadian Sub page. Some nice pictures of the sub (Oberon class) that he is on.
Chinese Submarine Force.
Chinese Submarine Page
British Submarine Association Web Page
ISOLUSAn organization researching the handling of decommissioned nuclear submarines.
5th Squadron of Royal Danish Subs Very nice page from Denmark.
British sub M-1 Found.
The HMS Submarine Perseus found and photographed.One survivor of the 60 man crew.
Many more old photographs
Memorial to HMS Thetis
HMS Perseus Found
Memorial Page to A8
RN Submarine Service in WWII
Royal Navy Submarine Museum">
National Maritime Museum in UK">
Englands A8 submarine Disaster Memorial page
England-A Reference of British Submarines 1901 to the present day
British Submariner Association Home
WWI Submarine Page.
Another page on the U-475.
Royal Navy Submarine Page.
Sea Cadet Corps-UK
Tralfagar Class of Britain's Nuclear Subs.
Scrapped UK submarines. This page from the Scottish Anti-Nuc group. Only put here for the pictures.
Scottish Protestors Photos. Includes the W. Virginia at Faslane.
Listing of UK's Oberon and Porpoise Class Subs.
Finland's Museum Boat
Finnish Submarine Page
Finland-Mikael Tschernov's Sub Page
Resurgam Found! This late 1800's mechanical sub was snagged in a fishing net last October. Plans are to raise her this spring.
Finding the Resurgam.
French Sub Page
French Submarine Page
France's Submarine Fleet
France's Rubis Class.
Germany's Submarine Fleet>
U-Boats on Display
The Capture of the UB-88
The Finding of the UB-88 off Long Beach in 2003
U-Boat ArchivesA new page being accumulated by a retired USN Captain.
U-873's surrender and it's cargo.
U-Boot Pens in FranceA very unique page showing the 5 locations of the Pens used in WWII.
New Page from Germany on U-boatsIn German at this time
Pictures of the U48
Search for the U260 by and Irish Documentary team.
New Munich Submariners Society (In German)English version being worked on.
German Submarine Gallery
Kriegsmarine and outstanding German page but from Sweden!
U-Boat Page from Denmark In German language.
U-96 Home Page
U-Boat News Today.
U-Boat Net. The U-boat War 1939-1945. The most complete history of German U-boats in WW2. Includes lists of what happened to each boat, sub Commander information, and book.
U-Boat ShipyardsPictures of each yard and the boats they built.
U-Boat Bases
Fighting the U-BoatsLarge 113 page history of the action.
Gunther Prein in U-47 Goes to Scapa Flo.
Greek Sub Page
Greece's Submarine Fleet in 2006
Hellenic Submarine Force.
View Two Greek Submarines.
India's Submarine Fleet
Iran's new Kilo boat on trials.
An Irish Film and TV company and it's work on U-boat research.
Dolphin - Israeli Submariners AssociationVery nice page
Israel's Submarine Fleet
Italian Submarine Page
Italy's Submarine Fleet
Italian Submarine pageWith many images and most in English also
Italian Submarine PageGreat new page.
New Italian Submarine Page.Mostly in Italian but working on English version.
Italian Submarine Home Page. Now this page has a US address and he is getting closer to an English version. The author is a crew member of the Italian Sub Marconi. Some great pictures and 5-6 interior shots.
Italian Subs in WWII. Written by an officer currently on an Italian sub. In English.
From Japan! Can't read but it's still good.
Japanese Naval Academy
Korea's Type209 Changbogo Class Data Facts
Dutch/Netherlands New Submarine Page A very nice page!
Netherlands Submarine Fleet
Netherlands new Triple Hulled boat
Norway Sub SiteNew Mar '04
Norwegian Subs Uredd and Ula from WWII Page
Pakistan's Submarine Fleet
Polish Submarine Orzel">Great story from WWII
Listing of Polish Subs in WWII.
***Current Polish Navy submarines include 3 Russian made boats. (2 Foxtrots and 1 Kilo). The Kilo class boat is name the Lorzei (Eagle) and was built in 86 with a hull number of 291. The two Foxtrots are numbers 292 (Wilk/Wolf) and 293 (Dzik/Boar).
Tour of a Russian Typhoon
Russia's Current Submarine Fleet
Russian Underground Submarine Base Tour
Typhoon Class info and Pictures
Russian Sub in Seattle Page
Russian Submarine PicturesIn Russian except for the Class names. Many pictures
Kursk News Site
Russian Juliett Class on display

Russian Foxtrot U-475 Page Very interesting page with many interior photos and descriptions plus an interview with her CO. Russian Foxtrot U-475 at London. Nice interior photo and the rest of this site will require Quicktime VR player to view. This player is also available for downloading at this site.
Russian Diesel boat.A picture and some info on this torpedo/mine layer.
Russian Pantera Class Sub
Russian Akula Class. These 3 Russian pages are from Russia!
Current Submarine News from Russia. Includes a story about yardworkers who wouldn't permit a launch in an attempt to get 4 months backpay.
Russian SSN Development. Work on newer follow-up to Akula Class and info on the two Akula II's, activities on all phases of submarine construction and some information on Russian shipyards, their locations and what current activities are taking place.
Russian U-475 Gallery. Great photo job on this former Russian diesel Foxtrot class submarine. From the folks at War Time Journal (
South Korea's Subs
Spanish Submarine Page Very well done page
Spanish Submarine Insignia Page
Sweden's Current Submarine Fleet
New page from SwedenIn Swedish but dig through for pictures.
New Swedish U-Boot Page/">UNTERSEEBOOTWAFFE"
New Sea Dagger Mini Sub from Sweden
Swedish WWII Submarine page.
Swedish First Submarine Flotilla. Former winner of Ron's Sub Award.
Swedish First Submarine Group. Official Swedish Naval Site.
Sweden's Submarine Company For over 70 years this company has made submarines (non-nuc)
A History of boats built by Kockums of Sweden.
A new Swedish page on SubsBut written in Swedish also.
Taiwan's Current Submarine Fleet>
Turkish Submarine PageIn Turkish language but pictures/drawings

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