Home Page of Paul Wittmer/SVWWIIA great page with tons of history.
Valor At Sea-A WWII Submarine History


Current Dispostion of U.S. Submarines with Squadrons and Groups

A listing of boats from WWII and what happened to them.
A listing of those on Eternal Patrol from all eras. Pictures included with many of the names.
Submarine School Class Photo'sSubmit yours
Ric Hedman's Through the Looking GlassA superb look at the early boats from 1900-1940 and much more. A true resource of submarines.
Submarine Battle Flags
Submarine Resource Page"One superb page

NEW SSGNs from 4 of the older Tridents

TOUR A SSN-USS Springfield SSN 761 3D tour.

SSN 3D tour


Maybe you don't want to go here!
Guppy Boat Tribute Page by Geo. Arnold NR-1 Page III
USS Seawolf SSN 21Naval Contractors SSN21 Page
USS Seawolf SSN 21 page
USS Seawolf SSN21 Page
USS Connecticut SSN 22 page
USS Jimmy Carter Page
Super nice Jimmy Carter photo collection
USS A-1Plunger
USS A-2Adder
USS A-3Grampus
USS A-4Moccasin
USS A-5Pike
USS A-6Porpoise
USS A-7Shark
USS B-1Viper
USS B-2Cuttlefish
USS B-3Tarantula
USS C-1Octupus
USS C-2Stingray
USS C-3Tarpon
USS C-4Bonita
USS C-5Snapper
USS D-1Narwhal
USS D-2 SS-18/Grayling
USS D-3Salmon
USS E-1Skipjack
USS E-2Sturgeon
USS F-1Carp-Includes Lost Crew List
USS F-2Barracuda
USS F-3Pickerel
USS F-4Skate-Includes Lost Crew List
Sago of the Submarine by Ric Hedman
USS S-31
S-33 Page by Naval Historical Center
USS Barracuda SST-3/K-1
USS Nautilus SS 168 PageFrom Naval Historical Center
USS Dolphin V-1 SS 169 pictures
USS Dolphin SS 169 Report on Dec. 7 Pearl Harbor Action
USS Cachalot SS 170 Pearl Harbor Report
USS Cachalot SS 170 Fact/Picture page
USS Porpoise SS 172 Page
USS Pike SS 173 Page
USS Tarpon SS 175 PageFrom Ric Hedman's pages
USS Permit SS-178 Page
USS Permit SS-178 Page 3"
USS Plunger SS-179A page by two sons who put their fathers photo album from WWII in a page.
Old Gringo's SS 192 (Sailfish) page
Email for Picture of SS192
USS Swordfish SS 193 home page
USS Triton SS 201 Tribute PageCrew list and much more. Nice page.
The POW's of the Grenadier were taken here for Interrogation
USS Greenling SS 213 Home PageFrom author of SSN614/Greenling page.
USS Growler's 4th Patrol.A must read
USS Cod SS224 in Cleveland. Outstanding award winning page.
USS Cero SS 225 PageFrom Navy Historical Center with 5 pictures.
USS Darter SS 227The story of
USS Drum SS 228 page 1
USS Drum SS 228 page 2
USS Drum SS 228 page 3
USS Flying Fish SS 229
USS Finback SS 230A story from a 5 patrol man off the Finback who also commissioned the Sperry and was on a oilier when it was torpedoed.
USS Shad SS 235 Home page
USS Trigger SS 237 Page IIBy Gary Walker
USS Wahoo SS 238 Page II
USS Wahoo SS 238 War Patrol Page
USS Whale SS 239 Home Page
USS Bluegill SSK 242 Page
USS Bluegill SS 242 Home Page II
USS Cavalla AGSS 244 Home Page.
USS Cavalla Reunion PageTo be held April 16-17, 2002 in Galveston, TX
USS Cavalla SS 244 As She is Now
USS Cobia SS 245 Home PageGreat page in tribute to the Cobia. Award winning page. Uses Real Audio for Tokyo Rose broadcasts, great deal of Cobia information and Manitowoc and much more.
Croaker Roster Page
USS Dace SS 247 PageFrom Naval Historical Center
USS Dorado SS 248 Research PageShe never made it to the War.
A great picture page of the USS Dorado
USS Flasher SS 249 Home Page-Recently Updated. Award winner-great page.
USS Flier SS 250
USS Gunnell SS 253 Home Page Award winner
USS Puffer SS 268 Home Page.
USS Rasher SS 269 Home and Reunion page.
USS Raton SS 270 Home Page
USS Scamp SS 277 Home Page
USS Scorpion SS 278 and SSN 589 Association PageAlso some pictures and a ship's store for these two boats
USS Scorpion SS 278 Home Page. A photo, history, and crew list.
USS Tunny SS 282 Home page
USS Balao SS 285 With Pictures
More Balao PicsIncluding the dedication of the sail
USS Bowfin SS 287 New page on this great memorial park at Pearl Harbor.
USS Sabalo SS 302 Home Page
USS Sablefish SS303 Home Page
USS Archerfish AGSS 311 Home Page
USS Archerfish SS 311 from Naval Historical Center.With 10 pictures
USS Perch SS 313 Home Page
USS Sealion SS 315 Home PageNice job from a friend of mine
USS Baya SS 318 Home PageIncludes a crew list
Another Baya Page
USS Bergall SS 320 This author also does the SSN Bergall.
USS Caiman Association Web site
USS Blenny SS 324 Tribute PageOne of the best pages. This is how to do it...Site of the Year 1998!
USS Blower SS 325 with pics
USS Carbonero SS 337. A new page to replace a previous 337 page
USS Carp SS 338 Home Page.
USS Catfish SS 339 Home Page. Written by yours truly/Ron.
USS Entemedor SS 340Brief page with picture
USS Chivo SS 341 Home PageNames of all who served aboard her and reunion info
USS Chopper SS 342 Association Page
USS Clamagore SS 343 Home Page A page from the Patriot Point Museum Page.
USS Cobbler SS 344 Home Page
USS Cochino SS 345Brief page with a picture
USS Corporal SS 346 Home PageNew page for 2005.
USS Diodon SS 349 Home Page #2
USS Greenfish SS 351 Page
USS Halfbeak SS 352 Home and Association page
USS Hardhead SS 365Brief page with a picture
USS Hawksbill SS 366
USS Icefish SS 367 Home PageNew Nov 99
USS Jallao SS 368 picture
USS Lagarto page and family contact link
USS Sandlance SS 381Brief page with picture
USS Pampanito SS 383 Home PageMy 1995 Site of the Year
USS Sterlet SS 392 Home Page
USS Sterlet SS 392 Page II
USS Queenfish SS 393 Page II
USS Ronquil SS 396 Home PageWith 500 member crew list also.
USS Segundo SS 398 Home Page
USS Sea Devil SS400 Page
USS Sea Fox SS 402 Home PageBy George Arnold
USS Sea Fox SS 402 Page IIby Gary Webb
USS Atule SS 403 Home Page by Gary Walker
Last Days of the Atule
USS Sea Owl SS405 Home PageAuthor/Roy Purtell
USS Sea Poacher SS-406 Home Page
USS Sea Robin SS 407 Home Page.Nice page from a dedicated Sea Robin shipmate.
USS Sennet SS 408 Home Page
USS Springer SS 414 Home Page/Final Trim This page is really something. It is a complete multimedia presentation, downloadable and done by Ron Stalma. Take a look.
USS Tiru SS 416 Home Page
USS Tirante Picture Page
USS Torsk SS 423 Page
USS Trumpetfish SS 425 Home Page.
USS Tusk SS 426 Website
Another Tusk SS 426 page
Ex-USS Tusk as she is in 2003 in Taiwan
USS Unicorn SS 436 Never completedShots of her interior
USS Walrus SS 437 Never completedPictures in construction
Ex-USS Cutlass as she is in 2003 in Taiwan
USS Diablo SS 479 Home PageBuck Conrads "Diablo Remembered".
USS Medregal SS 480 Home Page
USS Irex SS 482 Page II
USS Odax SS 484 Home Page
USS Sirago SS 485 Home Page
USS Remora SS 487 Home Page
USS Spinax SS 489 Home PageNEW-Dec/99!
USS Grenadier SS 525 Home PageNew on the Web and much needed.
USS Tang SS 563 Home Page
USS Trigger SS 564 Home PageBy Gary Walker
USS Wahoo SS 565 page
USS Trout SS 566 Home Page
USS Gudgeon SS 567 Home Page
USS Harder SS 568 Home Page
Virtual Tour of the USS Albacore
USS Nautilus SSN 571. Museum Info
Also: Sub.Force Museum and Library
USS Seawolf SSN 575 Tribute.Also information on SSN 21 and SS197. Nicely done.
USS Darter SS 576 Home Page
USS Growler SSG 577 by Chuck Latham
USS Skate SSN 578
USS Swordfish SSN 579 Home Page
USS BlueBack SS 581 Museum page
USS Bonefish SS 582 Page
USS Sargo SSN 583 Page
USS Seadragon SSN 584Nice new page 4-99
USS Skipjack SSN 585 Home PageWith pictures/history/crew list
USS Triton SSN 586 Page 1
USS Triton SSN 586 Page 2
USS Triton SSN 586 Page 3
USS Halibut SSGN 587 Home Page
USS Scamp SSN 588 Home Page
USS Scorpion SSN 589 and SS 278 Association PageAlso some pictures and a ship's store for these two boats
USS Scorpion SSN 589 . Crew list, findings and other information on her loss. From a prior crewmember
USS Sculpin SSN 590 Page
USS Sculpin SSN 590 Home pageFrom a crew member
USS Shark SSN 591 Page
USS Snook SSN 592 Home Page
Navy page on the 593
USS Permit SSN 594 Page New to the Web. Crew lists, Plank owners name list, interior shots.
USS Plunger SSN 595 Page
USS Barb SSN596 Home PageFrom Britt V. Meyerhoeffer. I was an RM2 in the 80's.
USS Tullibee SSN 597 Reunion Page
Another USS Tullibee SSN 597 Page
USS George Washington SSBN 598 Home Page
USS George Washington SSBN 598 Page II
USS Patrick Henry SSBN 599 Home Page.
USS Theodore Roosevelt SSBN 600 Nav page
USS Theodore Roosevelt SSBN 600 Page
USS Theodore Roosevelt SSBN 600 Home Page II
USS Robert E Lee SSBN 601 Page IVery interesting drawings of this class
USS Robert E. Lee SSBN 601 Page IIIncludes Crew Listing
USS Abraham Lincoln SSBN 602
USS Pollack SSN 603 Home Page.
USS Haddo SSN 604 Home Page
USS Jack SSN 605 Home Page
USS Tinosa SSN 606 page
USS Dace SSN 607 Reunion Page
USS John Marshall SSBN 611 Home Page II
USS Guardfish SSN 612 Home Page
USS Flasher SSN 613. Very nicely done page on the 613 with nice pictures, links, submarine poem and more.
USS Greenling SSN 614 Home PageAnd a dandy it is.
USS Gato Home Page II.
USS Lafayette SSBN 616 Home Page and Crew List
USS John Adams SSBN 620 Home Page
USS James Monroe SSBN 622 Page II
Some pictures of the Woodrow WilsonAnd another group More WW Pictures
USS Woodrow Wilson Page II Some neat pictures here..
USS Henry Clay SSBN 625 Home Page
USS Daniel Webster SSBN 626 Reunion Page
USS James Madison SSBN 627 Home Page
USS Daniel Webster SSBN 626 through the Panama in 1970
USS Daniel Boone SSBN Page II
USS John C. Calhoun SSBN 630 Home Page
USS U.S. Grant New Home page
USS U.S. Grant SSBN 631 Page II
USS U.S. Grant SSBN 631 Home Page.
USS Von Steuben SSBN 632 Home pageAnd a large crew list
USS Von Steuben SSBN 632 Page
USS Casimir Pulaski SSBN 633 Home PageA great page with many many photos
USS Stonewall Jackson SSBN 634 Home Keeps getting better and better..Now with submarine sounds, links, crew listing.
USS Sam Raburn SSBN 635 Home Page
USS Nathanael Greene SSBN 636 Home Page.
USS Tautog SSN 639 #2 USS Benjamin Franklin SSBN 640 Home Page II
USS Benjamin Franklin SSBN 640 Page IV
USS Simon Bolivar SSBN 641 Home Page
USS Kamehameha SSBN 642 Home PageNew and actively seeking your info
USS Kamehameha SSBN/SSN 642 Home Page II.
USS George Bancroft SSBN 643 Home Page From a crew member
USS George Bancroft SSBN 643
USS James K. Polk SSBN 645 Home Page.Newly updated, pictures, sea stories, reunion info and more coming.
USS Sunfish SSN 649 Home and Reunion Page
USS Pargo SSN 650 Home PageAward winning page.
USS Queenfish SSN 651 Home Page
USS Puffer SSN 652 Homepage.
USS Henry Stimson SSBN 655 Home Page
USS George W. Carver SSBN 656 Reunion Association
USS George W. Carver SSBN 656 Home Page From a Navy Captain.
USS George W. Carver SSBN 656 PageFrom Naval Historical Center
USS Francis Scott Key SSBN 657 Home Page II
USS Francis Scott Key SSBN 657 Home Page
USS Mariano G. Vallejo SSBN 658 Home Page.
USS Lapon SSN 661 Home Page
USS Gurnard SSN 662 Association Home Page.
USS Hawkbill SSN 666 and SS366 Page. A nicely done page with 2 pictures and a nice feature which is a deck log which only members of the crew can sign into.
USS Bergall SSN 667 Home Page
USS Seahorse SSN 669 Home Page
USS Narwhal Reunion Association PageNicely done.
USS Narwhal SSN 671 Home PageAward winning page.
A few email addresses from the 674.
USS Billfish SSN 676 Home Page.
USS Drum SSN 677 Home Page
USS Archerfish SSN 678 Home Page
USS Tunny SSN 682 and SS 282 Home Page
USS Tunny SSN 682 Home Page
USS Parche SSN 683 Home Page
USS Richard B Russell SSN 687 Home PageA new page in August 00.
USS Los Angeles SSN 688 Home Page One of the better done SSN pages. A must visit.
USS Dallas SSN 700 Home Page #1Some great pictures and a great start to a SSN page.
USS Boston SSN 703 and all Boston's Home Page
USS City of Corpus Chrisi SSN 705 Home PageNew Dec 99
USS Albuquerque SSN 706 Home Page
USS Portsmouth SSN 707 Home Page
USS Minn-Saint Paul SSN 708 Navy Page
USS San Francisco SSN 711 Home Page.
USS Houston SSN 713 Home Page
USS Salt Lake City SSN 716 Navy Page #2
USS Oklahoma City SSN 723 Navy Page
USS Helena SSN 725 Navy Home Page
USS Henry M. Jackson SSBN 730 Official Navy Page
USS Pennsylvania SSBN 735 Official Home Page
USS Maryland Blue Home Page
USS Nebraska SSBN 739 Official Home Page.
USS Wyoming SSBN 742 Official Navy Page.
USS Louisiana SSBN 743 Official Navy Page
USS Pasadena SSN 752 Navy Page
USS Albany SSN 753 Navy Page.
USS Topeka SSN 754 Navy Page
USS Jefferson City SSN 759 pageThe "unofficial" page but you can't tell it. Very nice
USS Springfield SSN 761 Tour PageFabulous tour of an SSN.
USS Charlotte SSN 766 Home page
USS Hampton SSN 767 Navy Page
Greeneville Accident
USS Virgina SSN 774 Home Page
OFFICIAL NAVY PAGESOther personal submarine pages are after this section.

Personal Web Pages

Old Gringo's Submarine Pages. Way back to the S-39 Tender TalesCommonly called the 3rd crew for boomers, this is the premier page of Submarine Tenders.
Larry's Home PortBoats and Tenders
SVWWII Guys PageA super page/Must see
Larry Smith's Boat PageNew Jan/02
Holy Loch page
A Superb study of boats from 1900 to 1940Page of the Year-2001
Ships and Tonnage Sunk or Damaged by US Submarines in WW II
A CT's Spookgroup Homepage
A QM's Home Page
A Cook's Home Page
A Guppy Tribute Page

A Pearl Harbor pageNew in Sept 00.
Jim Lawton's Home PageServed on the 420, 610, 659, AS33, AS37.
Submarine MS/cooks page
SUBASE InetA new page, under construction but promising.
41 for Freedom Page.
Fleet of 41 Patch Page
Submarine Wives AssociationYes, the most important members of our team belongs on this page!
SubWives PageAnother great page
Trident Page
A Lifer's Bubblehead PageCurrently under construction but does have a chat room.
Quartermaster Page
Up Periscope! A new page by Warren Malinofski-rider of the USS Groton.
Rides Subs Home PageFormer 626 and 696 crewmembers with a new page.
Silent Service Hot Rod is Back! All the links that were once are here. KingsBay, Tridents and more. Award Winning Page.
Wa3KEY Home page.Ham operator and author of a Growler page
The Goat Locker.A page for CPO's. Under construction but well done and getting larger. He has lots of graphics coming. New address of interest to CPO's only. International CPO Association, PO Box 12328, Las Vegas, NV 89112-0328 ***NSSN INFORMATION: After numerous requests, here is all the information I can pump out of the bilges on the NSSN. Weighing in at some 7,300 tons, it will be armed with 38 weapons; 12 Tomahawks in a vertical launch mode, and another 26 weapons fired from four torpedo tubes. In addition to the Tomahawk, the boat will carry the Mk 48 AdCap torpedo, Harpoon anti ship missiles, mines and down the road, unmanned underwater vehicles. Also possible is a special lock-in, lock-out chamber for special operations and will host a special operations mini-sub. It's sonar system will include a 15-foot bow array, a HF array in the sail, and a TB-29 thin-line towed array. The plans could also call for a TB-16 towed array, a bow conformal array and/or a wide aperture array. In addition to the HF sonar array, the sail will house two new photonics masts for improved imaging functions, an improved electronic support measures mast, and standard communications masts as well as special mission-configurable masts. Using modular hull-section design, the ships could be more easily configured for special operations, including the ability to carry 200 troops for covert action or perhaps 200 cruise missiles or perhaps even the older Trident missiles. The Navy has received $934 million for research and development from 89-95, and for 96 has requested $470 million for additional for New Attack Submarine RandD plus $697 million for advance procurement of components for the first ship. The lead ship is expected to cost $3.48 billion. In later production, each boat should run about $1.5 billion each (vs 2.5 for Seawolf), assuming a minimum of 1.5 boats/year. The second boat will be requested in 2000 and the third and forth in 2002.


I've been aboard this submarine for nigh on to a week,
sitting here with both legs crossed, unable to take a leak.
I'm afraid to ask instructions too ashamed to face the crew,
If I don't figure something out I don't know what I'll do.
Push this lever, turn that valve, which one do I use first,
if I don't find the answer soon, my bladder's gonna burst.
I sure don't want to flood the boat, I cannot take a chance,
but If I don't do something, I'm gonna wet my pants.
I fell asleep in sub school, when they gave the demonstration,
I'm sitting now in misery from lack of urination.
I've held it in for over a week, that's as long as I can go,
won't someone show me how it works, my kidney's about to blow.
There's no one I can turn to, the situations mighty bleak,
I'd give my reenlistment bonus, for a chance to take a leak.
The pain is quite unbearable, I'm about to throw a fit,
Unable to pee was bad enough but now I have to ____!

Theme Song from the Jolly Dolly Written by B. B. BARRETT (QMC(SS) USN, (sung to the hit song; Six Days on the Road and I'm headed for Home Tonight.

We pulled off of station headed for that Spanish Seaboard.
The turbines wound out She's spinning like never before.
Sixty days on patrol and we're headed for home tonight.

We've got a hydraulic clutch and an atomic overdrive.
All the rods are pulled and the throttles are open wide.
Sixty Days on patrol and we're headed for home tonight.

Seems Like a year since I kissed by baby goodbye.
But we're headed for home watching those miles fly by.
Sixty days on patrol and we're headed for home tonight.

The Gold Crew's waiting way on down the line.
They're going to the place that we just left behind.
Sixty days on patrol and we're headed for home tonight.

We're going home on a brand new champagne flight.
Hear those jets thunder as we fly through the night.
Sixty days on patrol and we're headed for home tonight.

What's that I see coming over the hill?
It must be Charleston I smell that paper mill.
Sixty Days on patrol and we're headed for home tonight.

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