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*Submarine BBS-Live Discussions

Info Search/Reunion Help
*Reunions. Listings publications and *Internet Sources
*Site #1 for assistance
*Site #2 for assistance
*U.S. Naval Memorial Association Reunion list.
*Reunions Magazine
*Veteran Records
*National Personnel Records Center.
*How to get started finding your records
*Another good source


*Submarine BBS-Live Discussions
*The Submarine Shop
*Submarine Book Store.
*USSVI United States Submarine Veterans Inc.
*USS Catfish SS 339 Home Page
*USS Catfish SS 399Crew List
*USS Patrick Henry SSBN 599 Page
*599 Crew Listing
*Shipmate Search Assistance & Family member help
*Homeports, Bases & Yards.
*The Golden Rivet.
*Veterans & Dependents.
*Historical Logs.
*ComSubNavy-USN Links.
*Odds & Ends.
*Anchor Chain.
*Divers and Submersibles.
*Collectibles and Modeling

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